Collection Hoorn

In the summer of 2015, and on invitation of Irene de Craen, artist collective Mahony resided at Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) in Hoorn, the Netherlands in order to research the town’s celebrations of ‘400 years Cape Horn’. The research focused on the creation of self-image in relation to history and its representation, and how these are reflected in current discussions in the Netherlands concerning race and the telling of history, in particular Dutch colonial history. This publication is an account of that research, of the encounters we had and thoughts and discussions that followed. Connecting the flow of ideas and large amount of information found during Mahony’s stay, is Collection Hoorn: a collection of small objects found on the shore of the Markermeer in Hoorn. The collection itself represents a way of conducting artistic research, a way of researching through collecting, of thinking through matter in a plural and fluxional manner that reflects the contested and multifaceted subjects connected to the research.

Artists: Mahony
Text: Irene de Craen
Graphic design: Julie Héneault
Edition: 300
Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-79479-06-1

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